My wiring has a parasitic drop - 600 Dodge NV

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My wiring has a parasitic drop - 600 Dodge NV

Postby a k for me » Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:20 am

vMy name is Steve in Nevada, and I posted 19 May about my stalk of under hood wiring being chopped - literally cut away. I had a great reply but I did not copy it down word-for-word. So thanks someone out there in cyber land for aiming my limited efforts in resurrecting my special 600. I am not complaining about this site, but somehow my reply managed to erase itself. Anyway my nearest wiring harness is in Sherwood, Oregon, and probably out of my physical ability. I did rejoin each of the chopped wires, to the best of my ability - by twists inside plastic caps- like in ceiling fan wiring. This is no good because I got a total amperage drop between alternator and battery and/ or alternator and negative terminal of over 375 ma (total) - this drains the brand new battery pretty quickly, though I know the alternator to run my voltage back up to about 14.6 volts -and I know the drain test so I know the voltage regulator is doing the job. My question is do I need to actually solder each of those wires unless a good wiring harness somehow falls my direction? This car could have had a parasitic amp drop even before vandalized as it was my greatest daily driver. Is there a website to tell me which solder technique will give no resistance to a repaired or rejoined wire? A book of auto wiring? I have like "double" read the wiring schematic I got and have this car at its closest to original factory configuration. I got easily another month to fix this wiring thing but got to get the new paint back on soon.
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