Chrysler Executive Project.

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Chrysler Executive Project.

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:49 pm

I want to dedicate a page and hyperlinks to all the info on the Executive we can find. One of our biggest sources of information can be obtained from a limo webpage that was hosted by Mr. Bob Smith of Calimesa, California. He was an avid K-limo collector and had I believe 7 of them. Unfortunately, around 2004, Bob passed away and his collection was scattered. However, his webpage still remains and is easily accessible. One of Bob's limos, a RARE 84 Executive sedan, now belongs to Nicholas Essinger of Ohio. Nicholas belongs to our club. He sent me some nice photos of his car by mail and more info on the limo. The limo made Classic Car Magazine in 2007. According to Nick, only about 100 Executives are said to exist out of the 1,700 made. Ben, a current seller of an 84 Executive Limo here in Orange, California, says only 9 of them exist in California. He will be bringing it to our show this Saturday and I will take pictures. If any of you have any info to share on the Executive, please let me know. I also want to find out if the 83 Executive Limo stll exists as only 2 were made.
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Re: Chrysler Executive Project.

Postby classicfan1 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:41 pm

Hey that '84 chrysler...where is it in Ohio? Dayton? I saw an Executive Sedan or Limo in an Auto Zone Parking lot on my way to Sinclair. I turned around and got a couple pics with my cell hpone (NOW LOST!!!). It was black and in very nice shape, it was missing the center cap on the right rear wheel. The owner was black and in 50s or 60s. Could it be the same car?
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