End of the 80s era. Your car is valuable now, PROTECT IT!

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End of the 80s era. Your car is valuable now, PROTECT IT!

Postby 89ARIES » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:43 am

The end of the 1980s cars in junkyards is within site. It will be this way in about two years if not less. I hadn't been to a junkyard in two years, and was shocked to see that each major brand, Ford, Chevy, etc, only had about 4-6 junked classic 80s cars in each section. The Chrysler had two K-Cars, the first K-cars in months that had been there in pick-your-part. Our cars are now 25-33 years old. Time to get real and guard these cars closely. :mrgreen:
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Re: End of the 80s era. Your car is valuable now, PROTECT IT

Postby capev86 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:50 am

the 1980's ended 23-1/2 years ago. in the grand scheme, how many 23-1/2+ year old cars are still pulling duty as daily drivers / primary vehicle? salvage yards make money on cars that still have large numbers on the road. everything else gets crushed and sold for scrap. that makes more room for more high profit inventory!

the dealerships don't carry much for our cars anymore. even such recent vehicles as the Neon SRT-4 (2003-2005) are ancient history as far as Mopar is concerned. luckily the bad boy Neon has a following in the tuner market which is much broader than we could hope for. our cars will forever be stuck between the muscle car era and current events. there has been so much slander reaped upon them and the stigma of being an old lady car, they will NEVER be taken seriously and we need to accept that!

heck, i even get a bit overlooked with my 72 Suburban because it's not a muscle car!

i plan to wrack up some serious miles on my 86 K wagon once the complete restoration and significant mod work are done. and i have an 87 ram 50 i plan to fix up (another resto-mod project) and put on the road as a DD. but i'm the exception, not the rule, especially up here in New England where cars don't last long thanks to the winter roads being sprayed with sodium chloride. my sister's 99 Cavalier won't pass inspection next year and my 97 Camry is starting to get a few spots (still solid underneath which is amazing). i plan to enjoy my K, hopefully beat up on a few imports, dare to be different, and to hell with everyone else!!!
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