The Chrysler K-Car Club: Your expertise. Your skills. Big su

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The Chrysler K-Car Club: Your expertise. Your skills. Big su

Postby 89ARIES » Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:15 am


Ed and I have been brainstorming about some wonderful things in store for us. Our vehicles
are very special, and no longer just old cars. They are classic cars and will average 30 years old
as of next year. Ed and I could use some help for the show, with your ideas, your expertise, and your experience. We all come from all different walks of life, and all of us have something special to offer. Here is my brainstorm list of needs and wants for the Fling and the future. These aren't all set in stone, but this is my vision. Lets hear your ideas:

1. Matthew Potter has been with us since the beginning. He is a computer designer and a hard worker. Matt, do you think if I sent you some pictures and logos, you could send to me some certificates for all our participants for the fling? We are planning to give out some awards with those certificates, whatever Ed and I can come up with. It is a surprise.

2. Joseph Baca is the first member in the club locally to register his K-car as an historical vehicle now exempt from smog. Joseph, could you please run by the DMV and pick up the special application, make about 20 copies, and bring it to the Fling?

3. Tommie Thomsen is an awesome old guy who used to own a LeBaron. A few years ago, he made some Chrysler K-Car Club logo labels one could easily put on the dash inside the car. Hello Tomme. Hope you and your wife are well. Is there a way you could bring about 20 of these logo labels and bumper stickers for our cars. Maybe mail them to me? This by itself would be our best advertising gimmick.

4. We are also working on a club dvd, and have interviewed some members. If time permits, we'd like to try to do some more at the fling, and wrap up our official recruiting dvd. Gary, your interview came out great. Just haven't uploaded yet.

5. We are getting a sales lobbyist campaign going. No, I can't save every car, but they are very rare now, and I want to try save as many as I can. My idea is to send every seller these K-car logo stickers, bumper stickers, and DMV application for historical status. We can email them the link to the sales dvd. This will help us save cars from the crusher. On average in California, I'd say there about 10-15 people to mail a week. That is doable.

6. Heather Gard has t-shirts for us, but she can't get them made until she has a set number of applicants. They are about $20 a piece. If 15 of you donate $20 a piece, with a mailing address, I will contact Heather of Illinois and we will for the first time have car club t-shirts with the beautiful logo.

7. Ed is teaching me the ropes about adjusting to the new social medias, and we are going to be having more videos, photos, and links.

8. If you are a seller or craigslist seller, come to our national show on the 6th. It is the biggest Mopar show and K-car show in the United States. We wish to honor you and your car, and enjoy your classic vehicle. We will advertise for free on your behalf. Just the video taping, pictures, the crowds will bring the advertising to your craigslist ad that your car needs. Also, please do your best to give us time if you are under pressure to get rid of the car. There are a lot of options. You can even donate your car to the club for a tax deduction if you can't get it sold right away.

9. The thermostat video. All of you with the Chrysler engine MUST watch this. I will send it to you in a separate email. Your car's life depends on it. One simple drilling exercise, done, no more overheating.

10. Bob Marcks is a member of this club, and the designer of the convertible and limo. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He would like to meet more of you. We'd like to set up an Arizona meeting. Great guy.

Also, if you haven't donated anything, consider donating today. Ed and I are going to use the club account to pay for some of this stuff. We have $240 in the kiddy right now. We need $800 to become a non-profit organization.

Ed Garren has been my right arm. Thankyou Ed.


Thoughts? Ideas?

Guy V.Coulombe
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Re: The Chrysler K-Car Club: Your expertise. Your skills. Bi

Postby Pete in NH » Wed Mar 26, 2014 5:39 pm

One idea i've had for some time is license plate frames with the club name, logo and web site. Could be a nice way to advertise the club and perhaps generate a little income for the club through a club store.
Pete in NH
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Re: The Chrysler K-Car Club: Your expertise. Your skills. Bi

Postby aussiewoody » Sat Mar 29, 2014 10:39 am

Yep, that's another great idea!!!
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