Thankyou for attending the 18th Chrysler K-Car Show.

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Thankyou for attending the 18th Chrysler K-Car Show.

Postby 89ARIES » Sun Oct 25, 2015 8:18 am

My thanks to all those that attended our 18th National Chrysler
K-Car Show. We had a lot of fun, and John Youngblood and others came
up with same great ideas for the club, that we are going to seriously
work on. Hemi Anderson drove in all the way from Arizona with his TC Maserati,
and was available to offer helpful advice. We met a wheeler-dealer who has connections
to surviving K-cars, parts, and body shops. Two Canadians we had met earlier this year
stopped by for a visit. This was the first show ever where we had a lot of sedans. We
had lunch together, and most of us did not leave until 4:00 PM, we just had a good chat
and enjoyed each others company.

ATTENDANCE: 14 K-Cars, ONE L-Car, 1 TC Maserati
Average age: 30 YEARS
Engines: 10 Chryslers, 4 Mitsubishis
Bodystyles: 3 Wagons, 3 Coupes, 3 Convertibles, 1 Limo, 4 Sedans
Sedans, the extinct bodystyle, won the show.

Myself 1989 Dodge Aries LE Coupe 2.5 262,000 miles
1986 Chrysler LeBaron TC Wagon 2.5 104,000 miles
1984 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan 2.6 115,000 miles.
1985 Chrysler Executive Limo 2.6 95,000 miles.
Ralph 1985 Chrysler New Yorker 2.2 Turbo 131,000 miles.
George 1982 Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross Sunroof Coupe 2.6 145,000 miles.
Eugene 1981 Plymouth Reliant 2.6 Sedan
Scott 1988 Chrysler LeBaron TC Wagon 2.5
George 1983 Chrysler LeBaron 2.6 Convertible
Carlos 1986 Plymouth Reliant Wagon 2.2
John 1985 Dodge 600 ES Convertible 2.2 Turbo
John 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan 2.2
Nick 1985 Chrysler LeBaron Mark Cross Coupe 2.2 Turbo
Hemi TC Maserati
Steve 1984 Chrysler LeBaron TC Convertible 2.2 Turbo
New 1985 Plymouth Horizon 2.2 Carbed 40,000 MILES!
Mike Avery (He has an 83 TC Convertible at home)
Jerry (He has an 83 TC Convertible at home)
Wheeler Dealer (His family has two K-cars in Michigan)

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