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Postby Ti » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:42 pm

Hello, I hope you can help me.
In 2001, I purchased a 1986 Chrysler T&C “Woody” stationwagon with only 33,000 original miles in mint condition inside and out with all original parts. I loved the car the moment I saw it and have had many offers over the years and had no intention of selling it. As of this month, the car had only 119K. The exterior was in excellent condition, with no dings or scratches, and the “woody” part was in near mint condition. The engine and transmission were original and well-maintained in excellent running condition. The interior had corduroy seats that had no rips or tears, the dash, steering wheels and doors were perfect with no cracks or discoloration as the car was kept under a carport. All the original plastic and metal parts were present, including the Chrysler emblem hood ornament and the T&C logos. The only flaw to this car was that the seats needed cleaning, and actually the rear seat was nearly spotless, as was the driver seat and passenger.
There was a stain that could be removed in detailing between the driver and passenger seats. And the floor carpets had no tears but were in need of cleaning. Detailing would have resolved these issues, making the car, not mint showroom, but in excellent well-maintained condition, according to the Old Cars Price Guide, If the car were detailed I would term this car in “Fine” condition, by the OCPG criteria.
Here is my problem:
On Halloween of this year, I was on a city street going 30mph. I was Northbound. A Southbound teenaged drived made a sudden left at an intersection in front of me. He didn’t even slow down to make the turn. Kansas is a no-fault state, and yet the officer who came to the scene attributed fault to the other driver in the incident report, as well as giving him a ticket for failure to yield. I had to be transported in a C-collar and on a board via ambulance from the scene.
On the Monday after the incident, I called my insurance, State Farm, and I was told the other side had accepted liability, but that the other driver also had State Farm, so that would be “good for me as this would make it much easier for things to be resolved”.
Over the years I have had many offers for people to buy this car and I turned them down as I had no intention of selling. I loved this car.
I looked up “1986 Chrysler T&C wagon” online on the NADA site, and these were the 2009 valuation figures and here is the link: ... 64506&da=1

Low retail: $1,265 (as is)
Middle retail: $2,500 (20 footer)
High retail: $3,300

These figures from NADA however are just for a standard T&C wagon, not specifically a “woody”.
When I spoke with the State Farm loss claims adjuster, she offered me $1,265.
I said This was a Woody in excellent condition.
She said the seats were dirty, and it had high miles. (119K)
I said But, it was a collectible, that in 1986 only 6,0000 were even made, and it was estimated that there was less than 100 on the roads today (I got this from this site) and NADA doesn’t take that into account in its figures, and the seats could have been cleaned and then the car would have been like brand new, as there were no tears, or worn spots in the fabric, and no cracks in any of the plastic and the entire dash was perfect.
She said they were only responsible to me for the condition of the car at the time they see it.
I said If I was going to sell it, which I had no intention of, I would’ve detailed it, and it would’ve looked as good as brand new, and I was offered $4,00 this summer for the car in the condition it was in, and it’s not my fault I was robbed of the opportunity to clean it by somebody breaking the law and totaling my car, and there was no way I was accepting that amount just because it needed cleaning, because there were no rip or tears at all and the dash and plastic was perfect. And I said that I didn’t cause this accident and I was being cheated and they owed me the correct value of the car as this car was mechanically sound and a collectible and there was maybe 100 of them left.
She said it wasn’t their problem it wasn’t clean and they didn’t owe me anything anyway.
So, I contacted an attorney and he said they couldn’t lowball me just because it needed cleaning because dirt could be removed. And he has agreed to get the full value of the car but all I had was an online ad for a car that lists Old Car Price Guide 2005 figures, and mine at that time would be valued at 3, 360 for Fine, and the lawyer said that as a collectible the value would have gone up so he wanted me to contact somebody who could tell me this year’s value of the car.
Here is a link to the ad that has the car that looks like mine. My car looked just like the exterior of the car in the ad, but that car had leather seats and mine were tan corduroy, and my engine was original. ... untry.html

Today, they made a 2nd offer of $1,900 and I could “buy it back” for only $100, but I rejected that offer because my mechanic told me the engine was totally useless for parts due to the compression of the front end collision, the passenger side door can’t even be opened, and the driver side, which appears fine, now “sticks”. The mechanic said that he felt this was an attempt by State Farm to “screw” me as they could obviously tell the car was useless to be parted out, which is why their “buy back” offer was only $100.
My mom was surprised I actually felt sorry for the kid who totaled my car and the trouble he must be in with his dad. But, being cheated by State Farm--like a good neighbor, ha--my neighbors don’t treat me like this…I hope you can help me. Can you give me any idea what the 2009 value of my car would be?
Thanks for any help you can give me on demonstrating the current value of this car.

Thanks, Ti


Postby Chief » Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:15 pm

This one just sold for $5,000.00! ... 705&aff=cj

Link to view my web-page:
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