[19-JAN-13] Revamped Website

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[19-JAN-13] Revamped Website

Postby Webmaster » Sun Jan 20, 2013 6:08 am


OK, after several months of experimenting in the Garage and tinkering with this and that, I have finally given some long needed updates, and some critical changes to the forum. You may have noticed both the front page and forum have both needed a Major Overhaul and now we are proud to announce the completion of the second phase of the major improvement project that we at Los Angeles have been working on for many months.

  1. A new personal page, for your own customization to set and personalize. Go to activitypage.php and learn more :arrow:
  2. All brand new Forum Portal, complete with news and current announcements, and fully customizable. (If you call that a real word :roll: ) Go to portal.php :arrow:
  3. A Chat Box, to chat with all your friends online. To add people to the chat list, you must be their friend. (Our old Ajax Chat box is still in operation should anyone still feel willing to use ut.
  4. A Navigation Bar on the left side of the website.
  5. Various improvements that will continue within the next couple of weeks

We are also in need of restructuring our admin/moderator team. Should you be interested in assisting, please send a PM to me. Anyways, if anyone has a problems feel free to email of IM me.

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