1985 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. Tucson, AZ.

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1985 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible. Tucson, AZ.

Postby 89ARIES » Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:01 am

For sale by club member:


Here is a classic 1985 Chrysler LeBaron K-Car Convertible.
Cruise down the beach or the desert in style with the top down. This is the car for you, and an appreciating classic at that. You will be hard pressed to find another one of these as nice as this one. It has the Chrysler 2.2 engine. The buyer will also receive free membership in the Chrysler K-Car Club, the club that preserves these cars, at www.chryslerkcar.com. Contact Julia Benham at jbenhamsprint(at)gmail.com.

Some issues: It is almost 30 years old, it will have some issues, get over it. It is a low mileage car. If you are picky about this and afraid of some of the challenges, this car is not for you. If you appreciate the Mopar Ks, then this is the car is for you, as you know how reliable and easy to repair these cars are if you take care of them. These get great gas mileage, and actually look like a real car.

This car can be driven to Los Angeles, provided you use common sense, realize 30 year old cars can lose fluids, and just do a very thorough check on essentials before you hit the road.

Please read some of the issues below:

You'll see in the pictures with the top down that the rear, driver's side window doesn't go down - she needs a new window regulator.

Also, to fix an engine oil leak, someone had to disconnect the a/c. So, that needs to be reconnected, if someone wants to use the a/c.

The radio used to work just fine with front and rear speakers until work was done on the engine. I suspect this was something to do with the battery being disconnected (but I really don't know and that's just a guess).

We have a new tail light lens (its one unit that fits across the rear), but we haven't gotten the chance to install it yet.

DISCLAIMER: The Chrysler K-Car Club is assisting the seller but takes zero responsibility and liability for the advertised condition of the car or the transaction itself.
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