why am I the only one who gets good gas mileage..

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Re: why am I the only one who gets good gas mileage..

Postby Jacks1986Lebaron » Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:08 am


Took the Lebaron on its first trip this weekend, in over a year and a half.

Using the air conditioning on a 280 mile round trip, I got a whopping 21.2 miles to the gallon!!!! :evil:

Words can't describe how I feel.

It idles good....seems to run good (could be better).....I noticed on the highway up there and back....every once in a while, I would push the accelerator to give it some gas, and it would kinda act like it had to "think" about it for a few seconds, and then it would accelerate just fine!! ha.......

The car rolled over 93,000 miles on the return trip.

I have replaced:

CTS (coolant temp sensor)
TPS (throttle position sensor)
Plug wires
PCV valve
Dist. cap and rotor
timing belt
timing finally set correctly.
thermostat (2)
hoses--upper and lower, and hoses to heater core
axles and lower ball joints
brakes (all the way around)
rebuilt calipers
catalytic converter
cleaned throttle body
temp sending unit
vac hoses
fuel pump
fuel sock
fuel filter

I still need to replace the rather noisey muffler.

The first year I had the car, it pretty much got 27 to 29 mpg with the air on...and since then has slowly but surely dropped down to where it is now.
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Re: why am I the only one who gets good gas mileage..

Postby MyDodgeDip » Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:19 am

up to 33.6 in the wagon.


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