SAVED!!! (and is this rare?)

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SAVED!!! (and is this rare?)

Postby carguyray » Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:51 am

Greetings. Although it's been ages since I posted, I'm still here, and now up to 4 K-cars and a GTS! Not too bad.

I just recently saved a 1984 LeBaron convertible from going to the junk yard. The best part is, it's a 55K orig. mile car!!!

The gal I bought it from is 2nd owner, and her Uncle was the first owner. She was driving along w/the top down and the radio LOUD, and the water pump went out... but she didn't hear anything or see the idiot lights... so on she went.

Anyway, her BF replaced the waterpump and then realized (duh!) the headgasket blew. So, he pulled the head and sent it out to get checked. They said the head was damaged and would cost $800 to fix... So up for sale it went. After many months he sold it to a junk yard and 2 days later I called to ask about it (Orig. thinking I'd use the interior in one of my 600s) Well, since the yard hadn't paid or picked it up yet, he let me have it. and (Thank you AAA platinum!) a 225 mile tow later it's in my hanger.

Here's the question. Is this combo rare?
'base' LeBaron ("leather" look seats, but I'm sure vinyl)
Turbo Engine
(Forgot to check for cruise to be honest, but I THINK it has it)
P/Seat (drivers only of course)
AND NO A/C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I've never seen a lebaron conv. (or 600) W/out A/C... even the base models with 'roll up' windows. I see a lot of K's in the junk yards, not so many converts, but enough to actually look and pay attention so this one really shocked me.

I have a guy nearby who I'm getting a whole new, perfect condition, head from, so I'm hoping this will all go back together nice and easy and be back on the road next spring! Wish me luck!

(Comments on the A/C issue VERY welcome!)

(hummm, won't let me attach a pic. Bummer!)

Re: SAVED!!! (and is this rare?)

Postby nszotovich » Tue Aug 09, 2011 10:23 pm

Congratulations on your recent find It sounds like a winner.
Email the photos to Guy and he can post them. :)
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Re: SAVED!!! (and is this rare?)

Postby Butch » Wed Aug 10, 2011 4:37 am

Yea, no A/C would be rare. I could use a heater box from a car like that since I eliminated A/C from my car.
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Re: SAVED!!! (and is this rare?)

Postby carguyray » Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:22 pm

Thanks for the info about sending pix to Guy. I'll have to get some off to him when I'm home next. (I travel all the time for work).

Also, sorry, but I'm not parting this one out so no heater box today. But, I will look for any Non AC cars when I'm out in the yards. The couple I go to don't 'rotate' their cars out too fast so that's good.

Thanks guys. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was out there! :)

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