Make shift flyer pays off 4 months later

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Make shift flyer pays off 4 months later

Postby 88 aries » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:27 am

so while I was at the mall in early april, I spotted a very clean rust free 1988 Aries, I had seen the car before in sparta WI about 6 years ago, paint and interior were minty, so I left my phone number and the club website on an envolope, fast foward to august and I get a call from a woman named barb, the owner of the Aries, it originally was her mothers car and she no longer wanted to drive. So anyways her passenger side mirror came detached, so this friday I get the pleasure of working on the car. I believe it is a 2.2 engine, I wont know until I drive it, she is coming to my house so I can work on the car. Which is a good thing, she will get to see my showroom new 88.

also on a side note, the other day I decided to take the 81 out for a spin since it had been sitting for about 4 weeks, So up to the bank I go and I caught a gimpse of a 85 Lebaron vert 2.2 EFI, so I pulled up along side it at the bank went inside to do business, came back out and spoke with the owner, Her husband purchased it in 1990 after her car wreck. the car has a little surface rust but it still looks good, the top has seen better days though, Ran smooth and quiet like all pre 86 2.2 engines. IF it weren't for some stupid teen driver who didn't know the right away the lebaron and my 81 would have going down the highway togeather to viroqua. I Must say she was very Impressed with the 81 as she was looking it over really good :D
88 aries

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