Where can I get a wiper motor suppressor? What is it?

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Where can I get a wiper motor suppressor? What is it?

Postby 1p3bp » Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:21 am

My front wiper motor seized on my 86 Plymouth Reliant Wagon. I changed it with a remanufactured one as well as all the bushings when I got the car a couple years ago. It now has 49,000 original miles on the car. This remanufactured pump only lasted about 2 years. It doesn't make any sound, the fuse isn't blown, and it's got 12 volts at the connector. The shaft was stuck when I removed it and I was able to break it free by hand but it turns hard. I have a warranty replacement now that I need to put back on. But I'm wanting to know if this wiper motor suppressor may have contributed to the failure. What does it do anyway? I see Chrysler called it a noise suppressor. I have an 86 Chrysler service electrical book but it doesn't go into detail much about it's function. I don't see one anywhere for sale. Mine is all gummy like a fried Chrysler Ignition Control module. Will the wiper system still work if I leave this suppressor off?
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Re: Where can I get a wiper motor suppressor? What is it?

Postby Kwagon2 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:29 pm

Good to see the board back up again! That suppressor is just an electrical " noise" cancelling device, essentially a capacitor. It prevents you hearing a buzzing sound from your radio if you have the wipers on at the same time. Wipers will work fine without it just wire direct to the motor. I don't think the suppressor would have contributed to your motor's demise it was likely the seized shaft.
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