Update on near extinct 84 LeBaron 2.6 Sedan.

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Update on near extinct 84 LeBaron 2.6 Sedan.

Postby 89ARIES » Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:42 am


Here is the update on the 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan 2.6 with 113,000 original miles. We have $1000 left in the account, and we spent $1400 on the car so far. $972 to buy the car, $300 to register the car, and some minor adjustments so far, to include a new brake master cylinder and temperature gauge. I would really like to sell this thing for $2500, and whether that is before I make more repairs, or not, I don't know. Whether anyone here would buy it for that price, I don't know. I'd even settle for $2300 for a club member. If we were rolling in dough, I would make final repairs, and then give the car an entire exterior makeover for $1400.

Here are the pictures:
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 161&type=1

Status: A running, and driving machine that has enough air in the tires, is only losing power steering fluid, and no other fluids. Coolant is staying level, Engine not overheating. Tranmission staying level. Oil level is still level, but may be just barely starting to reduce, but virtually has been full since we got the car. It is idling a lot at times like crap, and running rough at idle, and only smooths out when you hit the gas. It will intermittently hesitate or feel like their is a fuel delivery issue. Already ran one bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas tank. it seemed to improve things at first, but the roughness at idle is very pronounced. It then goes away at times. Starts up with a high idle when cold. and runs better with high idle. If you overfill the gas tank, the car gets flooded and is hard to start. A little unpredictable how it starts. Sometimes I have to turn the ignition and the accelerator at the same time. I have already driven it about 250 miles so far. Anyone want to donate to the carburetor overhaul? I think about $400

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 161&type=1

1. Steering is excellent.
3. "All major systems are functioning"
4. Interior is almost 100% perfect.
5. Headliner is intact.
6. Turn signals work
7. All accessories work for the most part.
8. Talking EVA works, and sometimes hiccups and does whatever it wants.
9. Engine can get up to 75 mph on a flat surface, but that is pushing it a bit.
Cruises comfortably at 60-65 mph.
10. No bad suspension noises, clunks, or anything like my two cars.
11. Transmission shifts normally, though car jerks forward a little when you
put in drive.
12. Must be getting about 18 mpg right now.
13. Tires are holding air and look relatively new
14. Car had its oil change at 112,000 miles back in March 2015, before they junked
the car.

1. Runs like crap at idle, with intermittent hesitation when accelerating.
2. Vinyl roof is cracking
3. A couple small dents from the people that owned the car.
4. Paint cracking open in one small spot toward back of left side panel toward
5. Bumper is mismatched in color. Probably small fender bender.
6. Seatbelt buckle on passenger seat is coming apart, but still works if you
finesse it.
7. Some tiny rust spot, one on the hood, one behind the trunklock cover, and
a tiny area of near rust through on the inside panel behind the trunklid.
8. Brakes work, but feel a little unsafe in that they feel a little stiff when you
apply them.
9. Car is very bouncy on the highway, but I don't mind.

Not perfect, but not a junk car.

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