Wow.its get better......

Post all your classic car finds here. Have a cell phone handy. Pics please.

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Wow.its get better......

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:48 pm

I seem to be finding more rare stuff lately, but I am also driving through new areas I haven't been to before. Some notable finds:

I found a parked white 1975 Chevy Vega 2dr Sport Coupe on Lowell Ave in La Crescenta.
Saw two more 80s Lincoln Towncars.
Drove an 89 Reliant Sedan for sale last night
Tagged, two years later, the rosewood Aries Sedan in San Fernando. I had known about this car for years.
An immaculate orange 1985 Plymouth Turismo surfaced in my mechanics shop.
A new Dodge Omni is now parked in Sylmar.
A dark colored Cadillac Cimarron was driving around at night and I saw ANOTHER 80s Chevy Cavalier Wagon.
Saw at a church off the side of the road: A 1983 Buick Regal 4dr and 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Brougham 4dr parked side by side (80s flashback)
A 1982 Honda Civic 5 speed manual stationwagon in good shape showed up at the office.
Parked 1983 Ford Fairmont 4dr Sedan
Driving 1979 Mercury Zephyr 4dr Sedan with Vinyl roof.

Maybe the bad economy and 2nd thoughts about the drawbacks of modern cars might be fueling an extremely small survivalist mentality that might keep something
around for next 10-20 years. Also, K-car prices in SoCal are now appreciating quite high, as they really have all but disappeared now. A $400 K-car for sale out there is usually
a basket case. Nice ones are now going for $1500-3000. No joke. Thats a good thing. Now if it can appreciated past the cash for clunkers hunter bounty $2500-5000, which I am sure
they will through mass slaughter, by 2020 our cars will be very collectible and unavailable to the general public, so hah hah on those that wiped out the K. 8)

Wow, maybe there is hope for the classic car hobby. And don't think this means they aren't in danger of extinction. A lot of these cars I see or find
are the same ones I see 6 months to a year before in a different area. I am very good at identifying things. The junkyards around here still get 80s cars
in them, its the K-cars and Chryslers that are almost gone, except for Fifth Avenues. 8) Its just amazing what you can still find. But, by no means
are these cars are commonplace anymore.
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