Saw ANOTHER K-Car. Whoopee.

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Saw ANOTHER K-Car. Whoopee.

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Mar 04, 2011 8:34 pm

Never see 1st gen Ks anymore, sadly, which I actually think look classier, there I said, lol. Charles likes 2nd gens, I like 1st gens better, but really I like everything. On the SR 118 Freeway
this morning, we were passed by a shiny, immaculate blue 1985-1988 Plymouth Reliant Stationwagon. The driver was very young and the back window had a logo emblem. The windows were all
tinted. The rear bumper had a slight crease. I now know this to be the same wagon I saw coming the opposite direction on the same freeway last Sunday. Funny how the nose knows. 8-)
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Re: Saw ANOTHER K-Car. Whoopee.

Postby 88AriesLEwagon » Fri Mar 04, 2011 11:33 pm

Funny,back in the day,before late 84,I absolutely loved the Aries slatted Mirada/Magnum/400 style painted grille.
When the 85s were announced (I worked at a Chrysler dealer,and we got advance product info),I was flat out laughing at the nose job the 85s got.Particularly dizzing the Aries grille with the gunsight crosshairs.My exact words....."They ruined that car,they wont sell any".After getting used to the family's new 85 Aries SE,I grew to accept the smoother nose,and realized how crude the 81-84 car looked overall.The sharp cut rear fenders,the paint that always peeled off the wavy bumper covers,the flimsy cloth seating areas,the hard plastic steering wheel,the chrome wheelwell trim and rub strips that trapped dirt and pine needles behind,the stark dash cluster,the prop rod hood,the base wheels with tin center plate that dented so easily,the silver wheels that rusted,I grew to accept and downright favor the 85-89 look.It helped that the 85 Lancer was styled so much like the Aries,I always liked the Lancer/GTS,and felt the Ks were their little brothers (that were a lot cheaper to buy).
I respect the 81-84s,but will always favor the 85-89s...they made the "best,better"...The "Super Ks".....

Re: Saw ANOTHER K-Car. Whoopee.

Postby nszotovich » Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:18 am

On the 400,600s I always prefer the slotted grill to the later bland "gun sight" grill. I know it was an aerodynamic improvement, but lacked distinction. If I ever buy a 400,600 it will be pre- 86. On the Aries though, it looked good.
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