Saw some RARE RARE stuff and a first spotting ever.

Post all your classic car finds here. Have a cell phone handy. Pics please.

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Saw some RARE RARE stuff and a first spotting ever.

Postby 89ARIES » Mon May 16, 2011 12:48 am

On my 7 mile walk today between Santa Monica and Marina del Rey, besides driving my 2nd 83 New Yorker, I saw my first

1978-1979 Dodge Omni 4dr Hatchback with Horizon labeled fenders. A real factory glitch as car was original and rarer then hen's teeth. Registered and a running driver near the beach and disappeared before I could get pics. :o :D

A red rusty 1976 Chrysler Cordoba in Venice Beach with duck tape all over the rust holes.

An immaculate 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Coupe.

A 1974 Cadillac 4dr Hardtop drove by.

A 1984 Ford LTD Wagon near the water with holes in the back.

And some other cool finds. :D

And the vagrant 86-88 TC Wagon still resides in Santa Monica full of junk.

And a stupid woman on the freeway tried to broadswipe me and others with her 80s Lincoln Towncar by drifting over lanes
at 85-90 and an 82 Fairmont Sedan popped up alongside me.

Overall, I saw some 80s cars, which always makes my day, as they are the last real "findable" cars. :)
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Re: Saw some RARE RARE stuff and a first spotting ever.

Postby Baron » Mon May 16, 2011 12:56 am

People like the woman in the Town Car I have started to call in on 911 on my cell phone. They often are drunk or on a cell phone which is the equivalent of being drunk and they need to be stopped before they kill someone. My wife had an uncle who was killed when a woman in her big fancy cadillac drifted into the opposite lanes of a freeway (yep, across the meridian and everything) and hit him headon. Turns out she didn't have a license because she was medically unsafe to drive but did it anyway- she was in a diabetic coma when she drifted off the road and into his car.
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