Two Rare 1980's sightings in one night

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Two Rare 1980's sightings in one night

Postby 82Lebaronconv » Sat Sep 10, 2011 9:30 pm

Last night, I drove over to visit a friend of mine in Wallingford, Ct and as I pulled up to his house, I was amazed to see a 1980 Chevy Citation parked in his neighbor's yard. It was a beige colored Club Coupe (the non-hatch 2 door with the trunk). My wife owned one of these back in the 1980's (we lost it due to an engine fire) and it's been years since I've seen one. My friend said that it had been recently purchased by his neighbor's teenage son. Apparently, the kid is a real stoner, so the poor car is probably not long for this world. I know some of you don't like Citations (I have issues with them myself after my wife's experience), but you have to appreciate the rarity.

As I was driving home later that night, a dark green four door Chevy Chevette passed me. It looked like an early 80's model, judging from the grille and the chrome bumpers. How often do you see one of these anymore.

I've noticed a few "new" older cars in my area recently. A few times, I've spotted a red Pontiac T-1000 being driven around town (the Pontiac version of the Chevette) and earlier today, I saw the metallic brown '79 Buick Regal coupe being driven by a guy who works down the road at an auto repair shop. (Axelrod Tire in Portlanc, CT). I've had them do some work in the past on my LeBaron and they're pretty good. Another old car new to the area is the red 1984 Chevy Cavalier Convertible parked in the lot of an apartment complex near where I live. This car was for sale last summer on Craigslist for $900. I was going to call up on it, but it sold before I had the chance to. I kind of like these - almost bought one back in '88 instead of the Lebaron, but the dealer wanted more than I had in the budget, so I ended up going with the LeBaron because it was much cheaper. This Cavalier is a little beat up; the fiberglass panel in the front took a hit on one side and is pretty smashed up, the paint is faded and the top looks shot . But the sheet metal looks straight and rust free, so it is definitely restorable. Unfortunately, this isn't likely to happen as it sits outside and is apparently someone's daily driver. And if they are living in those apartments, the probably don/t have much money anyway.

A dealership a few miles away just got a dark brown 1976 AMC Hornet sedan on the lot. I stopped in to look at it and it is really nice. It has under 40K and must have belonged to some little old lady. Paint is so nice and shiny, the car must have been garaged from day one. Not sure what they're asking, as they were closed when I stopped by, but if anyone is interested, I can definitely check for you. It's at Victor Auto Sales in Middletown, CT (they have a website).

Haven't seen any new K cars at all, but I'm looking. The last one on the road in my area is a silver later model Plymouth Reliant wagon. But it sits outside in the driveway and the paint is getting really faded. Just drove by it this morning.
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Re: Two Rare 1980's sightings in one night

Postby nszotovich » Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:32 pm

The Citation you saw is pretty rare. Glad to see one still around. I always liked the x-cars looks but they had too many issues. It's too bad GM had to launch those cars before they were ready. It started the decline if their reputation.

I was in L.A. this week for a funeral and saw a black 85 LeBaron coupe on good shape driving ahead of me on Santa Monica Blvd. It was in very nice original condition. Traffic was such that I couldn't get closer, but it looked loved.
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