Recent spottings in my area (Central Ct)

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Recent spottings in my area (Central Ct)

Postby 82Lebaronconv » Sat Feb 25, 2012 8:47 pm

Saw three rare 1980's cars driving around town today (East Hampton, CT).

A red Pontiac T100 in a coffee shop parking lot. This was the Pontiac version of the Chevette. Not a big seller when new and definitely a rare sight today. This one looked like it was still in pretty nice shape.

Parked outside the Dunkin Doughnuts - a triple maroon 1980's Buick Regal coupe with Massachusetts plates. Nice, straight original car, but the hood ornament was snapped off and the paint on the hood was going bad - clearcoat was flaking off. Unfortunately, a common problem on 80's cars; the paint job on my wife's 1988 Plymouth Horizon that she bought new didn't last very long either.

Parked alongside an old Victorian house in town - a mid-80's black Chevy Monte Carlo SS. Typical young kids car - beefed up suspension and fat tires. A good friend of mine has one of these in mint condition. He bought it new in 1986 (in fact, I was with him the night he bought it) and has babied it ever since. Only has 50K original miles.

Parked on a local farm where they have horseback riding - a late 1970's Olds 88 Coupe - red with a white vinyl top. Nice old GM boat car from the good old days when gas was cheap. Decent shape, but was missing all its hubcaps. These looked great with wire caps and wide stripe whitewalls.

Sad to note that a rare 1980's car I used to see fairly regularly around town are now gone. There was a 1984 Chevy Cavalier convertible in the parking lot of an apartment complex. It was fairly straight, but had some front end damage to the fiberglass grille panel and the top was in tatters. A couple of weeks ago, I saw it in the parking lot of an area auto repair shop with no plates and the next day it was gone. This shop also has a 1980's white Buick Electra on the lot with some front end damage. It's one of the later front drive models from about 1986. I once rented a similar car on a trip to South Carolina many years ago. Very comfortable car to drive. Someone at work is using one of these as a daily driver. It's dark metallic blue with a beautiful dark blue velour interior. Car is in very nice shape.

Haven't seen any new K's lately, but the silver 1985 or later Dodge Aries station wagon I see parked in a driveway along Route 66 in Portland is still around as is the blue Aries sedan of the same vintage. Spotted the Aries in the parking lot of my daughter's high school last Saturday. Person who owns it lives only blocks away. I often see it in their driveway when I'm in the area.
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