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New Member, Old Wagon

Postby birchdeer » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:02 pm

I think I finally found where to say hello!


Anyway, Greetings! I'm Julian, I live in CT with my partner, and we're the proud and often frustrated owners of a very surly but very neat 83 Lebaron Town and Country Wagon. I got it for pocket change off craigslist because I wanted a car for myself, and It's been "one step from running" for the last year and a half, mostly due to it being a garage dust collector for its last owner and needing most of the electrical components replaced. The interior and exterior are in fantastic shape, especially for being in the rust belt (It's astonishingly rust free), it's just the inner workings that keep giving us grief.

We also have a Miata (He's an enthusiast), an antique Honda, a Mad Max style rat bike, and soon to be a Fiat after realizing my "cheap daily driver" wagon purchase is in fact pretty darn rare and probably shouldn't be driven around in CT snow and metal-eating salt.
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