Valve lifter noise?

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Re: Valve lifter noise?

Postby Hemi-Dude » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:39 pm

turbokcar wrote:My turbo engine has pressed in piston pins. When I had the machine work done on my engine,
[bored, honed, decked, balanced, and rods re sized] he had to press the pins in. My pistons are not stock though. And I put a roller cam and roller lifters in the engine and it still makes noise. I think Butch is correct it's a cheap car, so they don't do much to keep it quiet.
There is a guy at the Shelby Dodge meeting that has an Omni GLH, and it's a noisy, smell beast, I thought it had all kinds of issues, then Butch told me it's an 11 second car. And I don't think I will race him for pinks.

You're right in your statement 'TURBOCARGUY' that is the cheaper built turbo engine. I had dismissed that from my mind. You should have installed the heavy duty rods with wrist pin bushings and a set of pistons to match while you were at it. Why build a performance engine with whimpy connecting rods? However the REAL performance turbo 2.2L engines have floating wrist pins. So now you all know that there are 2 classes of 2.2L turbo engines, the ordinary run-of-the-mill ones and the performance ones. The good engines also have forged cranks instead of cast cranks.
Now that is not to say that any of the lighter stuff is bad, after all even the 2.5L engines use the lightweight parts even in the turbo engines.

Re: Valve lifter noise?

Postby 84reliantk » Fri Apr 09, 2010 1:16 pm

my dad has worked on a bunch of these 2.2's and he said the wrist pins were big problems on them. My 84 just threw a valve follower two weeks ago, it was worn so much that when the cam went around it caught it and threw it right off.
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Re: Valve lifter noise?

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Sep 24, 2021 12:49 am

It has been many years, and Butch has passed on, and most here won't even see this post. I still have the 1989 Dodge Aries LE Coupe now with 295,000 miles, and it still has the piston slap. A miracle it runs.
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