I need to replace all heater hoses is it hard to do

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I need to replace all heater hoses is it hard to do

Postby 1p3bp » Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:49 pm

I'm going to replace all the water hoses on my 86 Reliant. They are all original. I've already got new AC Delco upper and lower radiator hoses. Now I need to replace the heater hoses. I looked at it today and it appears there is at least one molded hose from the heater valve to the intake manifold. Then there is two short 3" sections from the heater core to the valve but the funny thing is it looks like each one only is secured with one clamp per hose. Then there is a long hose going from the valve to the water pump. Mine has a/c. Are all the hoses 5/8"? Can I use bulk 5/8" for the long water pump to heater valve hose eventhough a replacement is shown at all parts stores or is there something special about it?
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