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Noob question on TBI Fuel pump replacement source

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:58 am
by Seawolf
Hi all, so I'm a total noob on the board and I have to admit to being here under somewhat false pretences since I don't actually own a K' car. I do however have a friend who is trying to get one back on the road after sitting in his garage for several years, I don't know why people do stupid stuff like that... :?

On to the problem: My pal has a 1984 Dodge 600 convertible with a 2.2l non turbo TBI engine, VIN: 1B3BV5502EG324313. Having sat for a few years the car was a non runner with zero fuel pressure, a local shop dropped the gas tank, found the fuel system clogged with paraffinated gunk and a dead fuel pump. The shop attempted to locate a new pump with no success.

Now it's landed in my lap and though I'll admit that older BMWs are more my forte I'm trying to source a replacement or info on this pump which is proving to to be very elusive.

The pump itself is a large Bosch unit with a 2 7/8" circular flange, the lower brown plastic part of the pump houses the pump itself and this is riveted to an upper alloy sleeve that connects to the flange itself. The pump has a screwed outlet that is connected to what looks like a pressure regulator, there is a single outlet and a 2 pin electrical connector on the flange. So it looks like this setup has no fuel return line.

The pump has several stampings on the bottom of the plastic housing:

Bosch Made in USA
4 279 299
4 9092
PA 66
9 580 233 010 - 927
The Mopar emblem with 445 next to it

Any info on this pump or a possible source of replacement would be much appreciated and will greatly help in getting this car operational again.

Many thanks in advance, Lee.

Re: Noob question on TBI Fuel pump replacement source

PostPosted: Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:03 pm
by Kwagon2
Just had a Look on Rock Auto and they show a fuel pump separately and with the hanger assembly. Past practice on these pumps was to just replace the pump by disassembling the "module" and the "Carter" replacement line had them as a kit. I've done quite a few...
As a note...of late I've had much dissatisfaction with the local Auto parts places ...

Re: Noob question on TBI Fuel pump replacement source

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:52 am
by Seawolf
Hi, and thanks for the response.

Yes, I've seen many alleged replacement pumps like those listed on Rock Auto but a few problems remain:

1) Considering the poor state of the existing pump I doubt that the intank pump mounted regulator is serviceable.
2) I don't know what the original fuel pump & regulator regulated / unregulated fuel pressure is - I read somewhere that the delivery pressure changed during the years 1983 - 1986.
3) Most 'equivalent' pumps don't list their specs so I don't know if I have to use a similar regulator or just eliminate it.
4) All the 'equivalent' pumps use barb type hose fittings - the original regulator screws into the pump outlet.
5) I haven't seen an in tank regulator listed on any sites like RockAuto which makes me unsure that these are the correct pumps and may rely on a fuel rail regulator.
6) The shop that has the car tried an Airtex pump and stated that it doesn't fit.
I don't want to create more problems by over delivering fuel, if I knew the original specs I could build something that would work but without that info it will be hit and miss at best and I suspect it will likely be more misses.

Any idea where I can get those specs from ? Or if you have rebuilt an 84 unit what setup did you use ?

Thanks again, Lee.

Re: Noob question on TBI Fuel pump replacement source

PostPosted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:44 pm
by Kwagon2
I'm scratching my head here as with the "early" Bosch based Throttle body fuel injection systems there was no fuel pressure regulator in the tank, just a couple of check valves which according to the service manual served two purposes, one to relieve internal pump pressure and also to control maximum pump output with the other one preventing fuel return to the tank when the pump was shutdown. The fuel pressure regulator is mounted on the throttle body itself and regulated fuel pressure to 36 psi. Fuel pump fit was no issue with any of the "Carter" replacement kits I used. The pump simply attaches to the "hanger" for lack of a better description with the "sock" attached to the pump inlet.
But it seems that the pump assembly you're describing has similarities to that of a Turbo pump.