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Carb issues, races, idles rough

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 12:44 am
by heckamadoodle
Hi, noobie here, just bought the car a couple weeks ago. 1983 LeBaron T&C convertible. Great condition, 86K miles. But seems to have carb/choke issues? Idles terribly rough, dies commonly. Previous owner had a rusty bolt wedged into something next to the carb (choke maybe?) that held a spring/lever down. Once I removed, it races crazy high when starting cold. Once hot, still idles terribly, runs okay when accelerating, but dies commonly when foot off the gas. Interested in Weber conversion, found lots of mentions of this, but cannot find anyone who actually did it? I bought the carb, but so far no mechanic will touch this thing or attempt the swap. Carb experts say they don't work on Japanese. Japanese mechs won't work on old carb vehicles. Dealership won't attempt anything but the basics. Any help would be appreciated. Any good mechanics local to Dallas? Thanks guys.

Re: Carb issues, races, idles rough

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 12:54 am
by 89ARIES
Hello noobie, welcome to the club. I'd be glad to help, but we are about to fold because of lack of funds. We do have a very dynamic resource base, multiple sites, pictures, and with only $1000 to our name,
we rescued 16 classics last year. I tried to call you, no answer. I can help you personally if you are willing to make an annual donation of $20 dollars, otherwise, you will have to look on the internet. It is too much for
one person, and 90% of the noobies I reach out to ignore all emails and don't even answer the phone. If you wish to help me: ... 2649af92bb

And please send pictures so I can make you car of the day. 8-)