Replacing a Wheel Stud on the front hub of an 88 Reliant

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Replacing a Wheel Stud on the front hub of an 88 Reliant

Postby jco1971136 » Wed May 02, 2018 1:51 pm

Hi everyone I have a question about replacing a wheel stud on my 1988 Reliant.

There is, what I am assuming is a splash shield just behind the hub which will make it difficult to replace the old stud (not enough room).
I dont think there is enough room to get the old stud out and the new stud in because of this shield. The shield has a few screws that look like they can be removed but I'm not sure what implications removing it will have. I watched a few video's on you tube and found that cutting this shield on either side of the stud and bending it back to replace the stud seemed logical.

What exactly is this part?
Is the idea of cutting it on either side a good idea?
Any help or other ideas will be greatly appreciated

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