1986 Chrysler LeBaron T&C Issues hoping for advice!

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1986 Chrysler LeBaron T&C Issues hoping for advice!

Postby ChryslerTC1986 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:42 pm

1986 Chrysler LeBaron T&C Issues hoping for advice!

Hello fellow members, here is what I am dealing with which has me rather stumped and I am looking to see if one of your insightful brains might be able to point me in the right direction (and I'm sure some of you may point me to the nearest scrap yard).
I have a 1986 Chrysler LeBaron T&C Wagon 2.5L non-turbo, automatic – in overall great condition. Odo reads ~75K (probably 75,000 or 175,000 miles judging by the overall condition of the interior (gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel) and how many of the parts under hood seem to be original OE parts). I've owned this car for about a year now and currently I have driven it only last year because I am having a few things worked on.
The things in which I have replaced under-the-hood so far (to my memory) are as follows (no specific order):
-Heater control valve (non-OEM replacement) because of failure
-Thermostat (non-OEM replacement [Failsafe brand])
-Vacuum hoses checked and fixed (assumable)
-New Battery
-Plugs, wires, rotor, cap (about a year ½ ago)
-Temperature sensor near thermostat (unsure the part)
-Radiator (non-OEM replacement [radiatorexpress(.)com]
-Head gasket (unsure the part) because leaking anti-freeze into cylinder(?)

Here are the current issues I am having:
The radiator cooling fan kicks on IMMEDIATELY when the car is turned on which prevents it from getting to an efficient operating temperature.
The car will turn over fairly well on a cold start but it has trouble turning over if turned off/on shortly after and a rough idle. (It takes me putting the gas pedal straight onto the floor while turning the key for it to turn over.)
Some other symptomatic things I've noticed:
Black smoke is sometimes seen out of the exhaust
Odd clicking sound coming from somewhere near timing belt area close to A/C condenser (which is inoperable & lacks belt)
Surging noticed slightly in the speedometer (no RPM gauge)
Catalytic converter has a “loose membrane” and rattles

Some codes being tossed: Code 21, 22, 52

I have read up online on various websites about some things that could be potential issues regarding some of the issues I have mentioned above. I do not know how these may apply to my vehicle specifically but I think they helped me ball park some things that might be of issue. Some of my findings led me to conclude the following as potential issues... pickup shutter wheel for contacts improperly working, worn/damaged timing belts, ignition coil, replacing temperature sending unit and wire resistance, clogged exhaust, fuel pump / fuel pressure, MAP sensor. I know it might seem like I know what might be the issue but I could use a bit more direction as to if my findings are accurate to the issues I am seeing or if there are any other possibilities for what else could be happening. Or, what other things I should check in order to properly diagnose the issues I am facing. Please help me because I really have been putting good care into this car in hopes to get things in proper working order. Any help or guidance and advise is highly encouraged!! Thank you!
PS: I may have neglected to mention some other things but if I remember I will add on to this ASAP
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Car Information: Chrysler Lebaron T&C 1986 2.5 non-turbo

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