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2.2l hose / tube is leaking under thermostat box

PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 4:58 pm
by 1987dodgearies
I recently replaced the 2.2l head gasket in my 87 Aries and have since noticed the heater by-pass hose, that comes off the bottom of the thermostat box is now leaking. The metal tube has two rubber hose connectors. The one that leaks is in the front.

I was in the junkyard yesterday and saw some have different types of clamps securing the short hose portion onto the tube. Mine f course uses a crimp clamp so I'm guessing mines an original tube assembly. I was thinking of cutting the hose portion off since its only a few inches and replacing it or just see if I can put two hose clamps on it.

I thought about prying a hose off in the junkyard but often stuff like that just gets hard and brittle and prone to more leaks. I found a source for the hose seen in the link (parts 15 and 18) but if its just a common size heater hose I'll look for it locally. ... odel=15949