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Will codes 17, 24 & 37 keep car from starting?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 6:29 pm
by Blasirl
1988 2dr LE 2.2 NA

I parked the car earlier this year - spring, inside and on a battery conditioner. I just went out to start it and it would turn over, but not start. I have had issues in the past, but was able to get it to catch by stepping on the gas peddle like it was carburated. This time it refused.

I pulled the filter cover and smelled no fuel. I gave it a few shots with starter fluid and it caught, ran for a second and shut down. I tried this three times. After each time, I tried again without the fluid and it would start to catch and quit. Battery is fully charged. Car ran very well when parked.

Code 17: Thermostat stuck open or Coolant temperature sensor failure

Code 24: TPS failure or Bad connection or wiring

Code 37: Bad connection or wiring or Bad solenoid

Do you think it may be a common bad ground? If so where?