Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Never fear about what they say about the 2.6. It is a quirky motor, but we'll help ya keep it truckin.

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Re: Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Postby rev84600 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:45 pm

well I have a little experiance on both sides of the 2.2 turbo vs the 2.6 and Ill put it this way 3 years of happy driving on my 2.6 and I haven't yet got past 4 months on any of my three 2.2 turbos If I could I'd put the old 2.6 right back in there
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Re: Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Postby Herb » Tue Aug 20, 2013 8:49 pm

I don't know if I should laugh or cry after reading this post. I am not a mechanic but my 6.2 with 78,000 miles still runs nice after about 5 minutes of driving. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Re: Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Postby carguyray » Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:05 am

First, it's great to hear there's another Father/Son team out there with 82/83 2.6L LeBaron Convert's they're working on.
We have the same set up (me an 82 Mark Cross Conv. My son got the 83 'cause he fell in love with the 82 and wanted me to give it to him).

Second, I've always been a 2.2 Turbo kind of guy and MY father was a 2.2 NA guy so the 3 2.6's I now have are my first trek into them. My boy's 83 had sat in barn for 11 years w/almost no fuel so the tank was RUINED and we ended up doing tank/ sending unit/ and lines up to the carb. My mechanic said to start looking for a carb, but after a nice sunny day drive out a rural highway the car now runs great. (didn't order the carb even).

So, my questions are:
1) Where do I get the kit and what carb would I need to get to match up with it.
2) What are the most important (maybe even in order, most critical down) things that the 2.6's need done to keep running great? The 3 we have are super low mileage (32K, 35K, and 50K) and all seem to run like a dream... so far. Being a collector I want them to be as original as possible, but I also want them to be around as LONG as possible. For example, I already know about having the Head Gaskets changed out on the 2.2 Turbo's before 90K, so what are the must do's for the 2.6s? Since I'm not going to strip the engines out of low mileage collector cars I want to know what to do from here.

Thanks as always.

Re: Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Postby wjajr » Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:31 pm

1) Where do I get the kit and what carb would I need to get to match up with it.

Rock Auto lists several carburetor kits for the 2.6:

2) What are the most important (maybe even in order, most critical down) things that the 2.6's need done to keep running great?

Timing chain needs to be changed when guides become worn. Remove passenger’s side plastic splash shield from wheel well to expose a small inspection & guide tightening cover on timing chain cover a few inches long held in place by two bolts.

Also you will need to replace water pump pulley seal at end of cam shaft.

Last winter I replaced the timing and balance shaft chain with a kit from Rock Auto that had all new cogs, guides, seals, gaskets, and chains. I posted details about the project, and pitfalls here: viewtopic.php?f=67&t=6101

Years ago we had a new ‘81 Plymouth Reliant wagon equipped with a 2.6, and it over heated once and cracked the head and K frame at around 40,000 miles; it got traded for an 1986 Lancer. Keep coolant fresh, and shut it down immediately if the engine light comes on, and tow it home; one may get lucky and not crack the head. There may be head gasket problems with these engines due to service department not retorqueing head before car was delivered to first owner; this just a hunch.

I have a 1982 LeBaron Mark Cross Convertible that is original never restored, just mechanically maintained that I ordered in January of 1982. The engine is gutless, but very smooth and quiet once up to speed unlike the noisy 2.2 tractor engine.

By the way I had a head gasket let go on a 1986 turbo Dodge Lancer, and another time slush dripped through hood vent and derailed the timing belt, dealer retro fit a factory recall diverter; it never happened again.

Conquest came with intercooled turbo 2.6 in 1984, its controls are crude, and can experience problems. Dropping one of those engines into a K Car would require a lot of retro fitting, fuel system mods to accommodate EFI, as well as wiring harness changes.

Rock Auto has a boat load of parts for the early K Cars at great prices.

My 1982 Mark Cross Convertible, 72000 mi, unrestored:


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Re: Intake & Exhaust (2.6L)

Postby capev86 » Mon Dec 23, 2013 5:51 am

the 2.6 mitsu used in the K car was the narrow block (in regards to the bell housing bolt pattern). all the front wheel drive mitsu cars use the narrow pattern, so i would suggest a 2.0 (4g63) or 2.4 (4g64) as a viable replacement to bolt up to your original 2.6 transmission. the 2.4 has a slightly longer stroke than the 2.6, but smaller pistons so it gives nearly as good low end without being the gas hog the 2.6 is known for. plus, most of the 4g series engines have roller camshafts so you don't need an additive to supplement modern engine oil like you should with a slider cam equipped engine (like I do on my 72 Suburban that has not yet got a roller valve train conversion).
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