Engine is shutting down really rough

Come here for specific needs for the 1st generation K-cars. 1981-1985. For Fuel injection, refer to 86-89 K-cars.

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Re: Engine is shutting down really rough

Postby Kwagon2 » Sun Oct 11, 2015 3:14 am

I think you'll find the Haynes manual useful. Prior to adjusting the curb idle speed make sure the carb switch is clean and is making a good ground, that way the computer knows that the engine is at idle and that there is no timing advance which would increase idle speed. Good show that the car passed emissions!!
With regards to the carbon canister I know of no canister with a connection on the bottom , you should have the following:
Carb bowl vent, tank vent , purge line to base of carb and the small vacuum line to top of canister at the cap... there is another attachment point for a 3/8" hose at the centre tower below the cap and that one is stoppered.
Once you get the book the vacuum hose diagrams are in the Engine controls section that will help you out too.
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Re: Engine is shutting down really rough

Postby Iain_James » Thu Apr 21, 2016 8:46 pm

Sorry for taking suck a long time to respond, the fix I had finally managed to figure out was the mechanical fuel pump. I replaced it and the car is running as close to normal as possible. I've done a lot of work since then, and slowly it's getting better and better. Right now I'm working on finding a vacuum leak. I've replaced all the gaskets on the carb and the hoses. Only problem I'm having is reading the vacuum diagram. The card starting but won't stay running because one or more of the hoses aren't connected right. I'm still looking for a vapor canister but have had no luck finding one anywhere, it's only got the three connections on the top, I'm the diagram it says one returns to the fuel tank but the three on there never did. Unless I'm reading it wrong which is a very strong possibility lol. Anyway I'm not sure if you're in the Facebook group for the k car club, so far I've gotten some help with information on there but not as detailed as I would like.
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