Dropping in to say hello after two years.....

Dropping in to say hello after two years.....

Postby RichG » Tue May 24, 2016 11:10 pm

....and I cant believe I remembered my login and password.

Hello Guy, and everyone carrying on the K car legacy. Rich G from New Jersey, back from the dead. My 84 LeBaron vert still going strong (though developing some new groans at 114,000). New top last year, and I have proudly saved and owned this beast for 10 years. I just wanted you guys to know that sightings of any K cars in this vicinity are extremely rare. I know of an an 86 Dodge 600 and an 84 Lebaron Turbo that have vanished near me, and I spied an early Omni for a while about a year ago, but haven't seen lately. Even have trouble finding a mechanic who understands the rudimentary electronics, let alone can diagnose. I had an intermittent power loss light issue attributed to a 25 code i diagnosed myself, changed the throttle position sensor and cleaned the TPM. and It's fine. Mechanics were all over the place (throttle body shot, computer bad, needs new coil, etc).

Ps. I have many parts stripped from a Mark Cross (leather seats,boot covers, interior door panels, taillights, seat belts and other odds and ends including trim screws, bolts, and stuff like that is anyone interested. Standard MK Brown)

Anyway, just wanted to let everybody know I'm still trucking.....If you are cruseing thru North Jersey, shoot me an e-mail at rgumbinger@fortunoffbys.com.....love to see your ride....Best to all. RichG

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