A little update (pics and video)

A little update (pics and video)

Postby ReliantLV » Sat Jun 07, 2008 9:12 am

Hi all,

So after what seemed like an eternity, we finally got some things fixed on the little alligator... :D

*replaced the right front control arm (from a 87 LeBaron)
*while attempting to do that, discovered that the whole front axle to which the control arms attach was practically rotten, so replaced that and the other side's control arm (from the same LeBaron, what a life saver!)
*then the ball joints didn't fit, as the ones on the LeBaron were 18 mm (?), the Reliant needed narrower ones, 16.... took new ones (for a Voyager) and had them trimmed so they'd fit the Reliant and at the same time fit into the holes of the LeBaron control arms (sorry, totally corrupt tech language here but then I wasn't exactly raised in a garage in America :oops: )
*the bushings for this whole assembly were fitted from a Ford Sierra, I believe
*the same day he got beautiful white rims AND new summer tires (the old ones looked like after a drift session :lol: and were threatening to blow any moment). My manager gave the rims and my boss donated the tires.... for which I am very, very thankful, as well as for all the work that the mechanics have already done...
*just yesterday installed a brand new exhaust pipe (originally meant for a VW Golf)...

Still a lot of things remain..... But these steps just made me so excited, we even made a trip to the nearest gas station (just around the corner) to fill up, and it was soooooo interesting... :lol:


Here's a video (this was actually a test to see if indeed 3 people could fit in the front seat, LOL):
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