Engine swap

Engine swap

Postby pamedict » Thu Nov 11, 2010 5:03 pm

Hello to all of you fellow K-car owners! I've got a technical question I'm hoping someone can help me with. My mom has an 88 Plymouth Reliant K-Car with an original engine with 60000 miles on it. However, there are some problems with the frame rusting and she will not be able to get the car inspected after next year. I did find an 85 that is in decent condition and I wanted to find out if anyone knew if I could swap out an engine with 97000 miles on it and put my Mom's in it so she has something reliable to drive again. Anyone who can help me please e=mail me directly at the following; pamedict@hotmail. com Thanks in advance, Terry Boors, 209 Duck Pond Road, Connellsville, Pa. 15425. You can also call my cell phone @ 724-323-7140. P.S. The rest of Mom's car is in good condition and the hood, fenders, trunk lid etc. and the interior could be bought by someone for parts if you need them. I hate to take an American icon to the junkyard because it will go to waste there.
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Re: Engine swap

Postby 88 aries » Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:05 pm

for one why do you want to swap engines, yes i Know it only has 60,000 miles but its point less if the 85 runs good just keep the motor in, I Need to know two things before I got any farther, does it have a 2.2 carbuarted or 2.2 Bosch fuel injected, this is very important if you want to swap
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Re: Engine swap

Postby Butch » Thu Nov 11, 2010 9:24 pm

Is the 88 a 2.2 or 2.5. The ECU is differant between to two, also the 85 crank differs from the 88 as well as other things. UNLESS you know ALOT about this cars, Don't even attemp this swap.
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