What happened to 1973-1977 GM A Bodies! ALL DEAD

What happened to 1973-1977 GM A Bodies! ALL DEAD

Postby 89ARIES » Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:13 am

All I can say is, this is truly sad, all the 4drs and wagons for the 1973-1977 GM A Bodies, like Century and LeMans, are truly extinct. Only the coupes remain and it seems only one appears on LA Craigslist
every couple weeks. These cars are truly rarer than 70s Chryslers. I could not locate one 4dr or Wagon body on all California craigslist, California Ebay, etc. I have been fortunate to know of ONE 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon 4DR SEDAN that still drives around the valley here, and about the most plentiful model left in LA is always the Olds Coupe. I just can't believe that such an overrated car just didn't make it. I did sadly see two wagons in pick-a-part. I hope our K-cars aren't that way in 2020. Its already almost too late for the early 80s hardtops. In 1992, LA was FULL of TONS of every huge 70s car imaginable, a few remants remain in backyards 20 years later, but we really lost just about every 70s cars. Of course, I still see overrrated 70s Grand Prixs and Monte Carlos around. The 70s Ford LTD is the only findable large family sedan left in California as I still run into them on occasion.

Of course, most folks don't care. I would love to drive one. :cry:

No wonder so many our going for $7000 now.

Oh wait, I did see one 74 Olds Vista Cruiser wagon drive in Sylmar two months ago.
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