The Chrysler K-Car Club NATIONAL meet: 50% Discount/Donation

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The Chrysler K-Car Club NATIONAL meet: 50% Discount/Donation

Postby 89ARIES » Sun Feb 08, 2015 9:10 pm

Dear CKCC Member,

As you know, our sponsors are hosting the Spring Fling West Coast Event for April 11-12th, 2015. It will be at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California. This has traditionally been our largest and most important event since I founded the club in 2007. We advertise our attendance at this event as the largest Chrysler K-Car Show in the USA, which thus far it always has been. It is our rare opportunity to advertise the club to the public and MOPAR community to let them know we exist and that we actually love our K-cars. We are not just owners in name only. Jay Leno often shows up, and we have ended up on news blogs.

I promise you that whatever your membership status is, you will receive an automatic 12 month period of free CHARTERED membership for attending this most important event, the event that built the club.

That being said, our sponsors decided to raise the admission fee (which basically covers the leasing of the park), substantially. It now stands at $40 pre-registration and $45 at the gate. This is for the weekend. It is $20 pre-registration and $25 at the gate if you decide to come for just one day. The more we can have for both days, the better. If one is to choose just one day, Sunday typically has a slightly larger turn-out with car judging for car awards. The Chrysler K-Car Club is prepared with the formation of its non-profit funds to pay 50% of the entrance fee if you register with the club for attendance at this show. You will need to do so no later than March 20th. Send me a personal check made out to "Guy V.Coulombe" with CKCC Show in Memo, or use our paypal link. See the two links below:

The Chrysler K-Car Club
Guy V.Coulombe
P.O. Box 921463
Sylmar, Ca. 91392

Finally, our challenge of course is money. I do not know how much we can afford, but my goal is to make this our best event ever. This is where I am asking for yet more donations. It doesn't matter how much. If just 100 people sent $5 dollars, that would help immensely. I would like to give out food gift cards again, but it depends how much we have left over. $400 has already been set aside to form our IRS non-profit status. We already our a California Non-Profit 501(C)Corp. This is the first event ever where we are offering to eat some of the costs of admission to Woodley Park. Your generosity is always appreciated and if you wish to donate, use the same links I already posted, either paypal or mailed personal check.

Every year, it seems we are the only 1980s car group represented at this park. All our classics are endangered. Lets fill this park with 1980s Mopars and gain the respect that our cars deserve. Let us enjoy our cars and open up our hoods. Of course, there will be lunch and lots to see. We are not just K-car owners in name only. There will also be in addition to K-car mania a short cruise Saturday night after the first day of the show to Bobs Big Boy in Northridge for a cruise night.

I will be releasing a flier soon.

Guy V.Coulombe
The Chrysler K-Car Club
CKCC President and founder
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