junkyard cruise

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junkyard cruise

Postby 89ARIES » Thu Jun 25, 2015 5:59 am


My time is extremely limited, as is yours. I hope you can join us this Saturday for our all day junkyard cruise, complete with evening dinner and a look at Jonny's new wagon. It is all day, because time and resources are limited, and there are now almost no cars or parts. Plus, it is all in good fun. I have already decided for the most part who I want on our board of directors, and I will be bringing a set of bylaws to get our club to the next level. Also, anyone who volunteers to do something for the club other than just read the emails, or becomes a shareholder for saving cars, will automatically be upgraded to an actual member eligible for the license plate frame. Folks, right now it is really just three people doing everything.

I am excited, as I talked two junkyards into NOT crushing the three K-cars, but they will be crushed if we can't solicit enough stock shares (donations) i.e. investments to save the last hardtop models. I have a place we can store these cars on a short term basis, but I can't do it alone without the help of good people like you. We will discuss this at the meet. Anyone is welcome to join us for dinner if they are not too busy.

Folks, time is NOT on our side. California is doing everything it can to wipe us out. Help us out so we can survive into the next decade.

This email also includes two new Angeleno members, Alex and his 87 New Yorker, and Ramirez and his 88 Reliant Wagon. ALL GUESTS are welcome. We'd like a lot more members. Please join us this Saturday with your K-cars, meet the club, see what we have to offer, and lets take these junkyards by storm for parts, and look for cars we might be able to save.

See ya Saturday, be there, aloha!
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