Thankyou folks for helping me save the LeBaron.

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Thankyou folks for helping me save the LeBaron.

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:57 am

My many thanks to our benefactors, who contributed the following to allow
me to save the 84 LeBaron Sedan Saturday. It is $550 with 59,000 original miles.
Was going to be junked. They include.

David Zatz of Allpar $70.00
Myron Thomsen $15.00
Chris Pope $115.00
Nick Zotovich $50.00
Jean Guest $20.00
Ray Dunlap $100.00
Michael Reingold $20.00
Martin Swanty $20.00
Tim Matthew $50.00
Marcia Sherman $25.00
Art Strader $20.00
Richard Kirchsman $40.00
Alex Jeon $20.00

That is $560 dollars folks! You did it! Thank you for your generosity

My plan is to drive the car solo Saturday, on a wing and a prayer, and I have triple AAA.
I will put it up for sale at my parents ranch, and I am going to put it up for $1400, or $700
for a club member. The idea is that I want to use the profit to begin a savings to save the next

It has been a good month. Ralph saved the 1985 Chrysler New Yorker that was going to be crushed. Ray and I drove the 82 woody wagon out of the junkyard and lost the transmission, but it is now registered and officially out of the yard.

Remember to write off these donations on your tax return, even if we are not fully a non-profit yet. You aren't talking about a whole lot of money, and I see no red flags. I am working with a paralegal to make us a non-profit with the IRS, but it is taking up to 12 months.

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