Joe Baca found as a parts puller. California JUNK Policies.

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Joe Baca found as a parts puller. California JUNK Policies.

Postby 89ARIES » Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:11 am


For those in Central and Northern California, our fellow collector Joseph Baca found a parts puller that might be willing to pull parts from the very last survivor cars that trickle into the yards.

"Met a parts puller from fresno state. Fred Mendoza - text only - 209-947-6231. willing to pull parts from Pick in pull yards in central valley and ship to you, payment is done by paypal. number worth saving"

Also, a website called Row 52 documents the massive genocide of all the Chrysler K-Cars as California Chrysler haters and drones unload their low mileage garage queens into the hands of government run junkyards. We need to petition this site to start documenting SoCal, so maybe we can buy some of these cars out of the yard while it is still legal. California DMV does still allow us to buy junkyard cars and put them back on the road as long as they weren't scrapped through the alternative government program. Joe discovered Row 52.

At the moment, after the government inflated the value of cars they are crushing, almost no junkyard will let a car get sold for less than $1000. That is a lot of money, but not a lot with the help of our generous contributors, and when you consider over half of the K-cars being destroyed our never posted for sale online, and the very last handful of sedans are being wasted. We lost all the Dodge 400 Sedans in California. We are at the tipping point. Ray and I were the guinea pigs, and we got that 82 wagon out for $800 because Ray has a way with people and the junkyard manager gave Ray the respect due a Vietnam Veteran, so he decided to back down on the price. The DMV charged Ray an additional $150 to register the car, not including smog, as their is a bogus $52 junkyard revivor fee. There is a lot of misinformation and fear about the legality of buying junkyard cars, in the land of the free (supposedly).

Oh yeah, our hero and youngest member, Korosh, saved an 86 LeBaron GTS from the junkyard, not knowing what it is, and his father runs a smog shop. Another San Diego supporter on our side. He is only 18. His GTS is brand new, I rode in it. I will post the smog info.

Stop letting the smog nazis coerce you into thinking about crushing your cars. That is just stupid. Have a little fiber, and say NO, and work with us to circumvent such blatant attacks on the right to personal property. We have the resources, and they are legal. What they are doing is highly illegal.

Here is Row52 website.

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