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Some very positive things are happening for the club. They can't happen without you. In short,
we absolutely need your presence at the Chrysler K-Car Club National Show on Saturday, October 24th, 2015 at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California. Here is why:

1. Our new member, Dena, has just submitted a dynamite public affairs request to the Orange County Sentinel to cover our car show. For the first time, the extinction of the K-car will become more known to the public, and that there is a historical club out there that loves these cars and is trying to save and preserve the last few of these for future generations.

2. I have asked Scott Pang, one of our best members, to contact Jay Leno, in hopes of a remote possibility that he might be willing to do a short TV special on the club by just showing our presence at Woodley live on TV.

3. Our theme is junkyard saves. Three actually were pulled out of the yard, some were already headed there. I wish to try get as many of those cars to the show as possible, including my own.

4. I need at least two or three drivers for this one special day to help me pick up and drop off cars. I am putting all four K-cars currently in my possession into the show.

I must say that Ralph Simper, Scott Pang, and Ray Dunlap, and some others I am probably forgetting have been a huge blessing to this club, in many more ways than one. They donate their time, their money, and are just awesome people. Not forgetting Chris Pope of Utah who has donated a lot as well. Dave of Allpar of course........and the list goes on. Dena is assisting us with advertising, some much needed help that I can't do all by myself. I am not the best at social interaction, I just am not. I need more good people like these members to step forward and pick up the slack. Oh yes, not forgetting Dan who helped us with the ID Cards. Dan, don't know what your schedule is, but I want to try to get the next batch of ID Cards for the Fall Fling if you can. I know this project is subject to both our work schedules.

If I have let anybody down with communication, I am sorry. We still are not at a point where I am able to delegate more tasks to others, but we are working in that direction. I carry to much of a responsibility in trying to communicate with people, as it just is not possible. My cell fills up on a weekly basis, and I am just not able to always return calls. I will try to work better on my email protocol to respond within 24 hrs. If you are one of those who sees our emails and never opens them, you are missing out. Positive things are happening and we are saving cars. We'd like to start doing monthly meets again, and more events. The year has been rough for me, business challenges and four family members died, so I just didn't have the energy to organize anything for a while.

I was able to scrounge up the last $400 we have, so the IRS application for a 501(c)3 Non-Profit will be finalized in the mail next week. No more delays. I want our non-profit status finalized at least by 2017.

Check out the pictures from the last show in April. Worldwide record of 24 cars, I think we can do better.

https://picasaweb.google.com/1079001280 ... 5VanNuysCa

The club now is broke, but we went broke doing what we do best, saving cars. If you feel like tossing a penny into the box, please do. And remember, if you pay $20 or come to the show, you are eligible for premier membership for 12 months and a car club license plate frame. I will have them with us on Oct 24th.


Long live the Chrysler K-Car.

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