Donate to the club to restore the last 84 LeBaron 2.6 Sedan

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Donate to the club to restore the last 84 LeBaron 2.6 Sedan

Postby 89ARIES » Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:38 am

I wish to thank those of you who have donated so generously to the mechanical restoration of the 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan 2.6. I know some of our owners think I bought the car for myself, but it is not true (well, not completely). I knew getting into this, the car club would probably lose money on this car, due partly to excessive fees the California government charges to save a junkyard car.
Yes, I have been driving this car around as a 3rd car a few times a week, even on two 300 mile drives, and I plan to get rid of it one way or the other at or after Fall Fling, but we are not letting it go cheap. I plan to ask for at least $4000, $3500 to a club member. Here is why. Read past the donation link and then come back to it if you are inspired.
1. There are no more 1984 Chrysler LeBaron Sedans in California. This is literally only one of perhaps 10 known to still be on the road in SoCal.
2. A car that is pushing 32 years old should not be sold cheap to just anybody.
3. It was a one owner, low mileage car with only 114,000 miles.
4. The engine is virtually near perfect.
The car starts, runs, and drives. It gets up over 80 mph. It gets 22-25 mpg. The only real issue right now is a funky carburetor where it idles rough at times or accelerates a little funky. It literally changes day to day. Some days the issue is almost non-existent. Here is what the club has done so far.
1. New radiator, new battery, temperature gauge installed, brake system rebuilt, new winshield wipers, $300 to register the car, $1000 to buy the car, we are roughly $2000 into the car already.
Here is the positive on the car.
1. Original alternator still charging 14 volts, talking EVA works, radio works, but occasionally turns itself off, so you just turn it on, all doors open all the way without getting stuck, interior is virtually mint, gauges all work, engine loses almost no oil, tiny transmission leak, loses no coolant, no power steering fluid. In fact, I have driven the car like 800 miles already, and the oil just barely starting reducing on the dipstick, and I mean just a hair. I ran Marvel Mystery Oil in the gas three times, but it did not get rid of the intermittent rough idling and bogging acceleration simply because the carb needs to be rebuilt for $500, money we don't have. The car sometimes runs smooth and perfect, a carb overhaul will do wonders. It gets at least 22-25. Headliner absolutely perfect. DASHBOARD PERFECT WITH NO CRACKS AT ALL!
Here is the negative.
1. It needs a repaint, and the small dents outside removed.
2. It needs a new vinyl top.
3. Some of the interior plastic trim is broken, but held in place.
4. Some of the rubber window trim is falling apart, but windows roll up
and down just fine.
Here is what it needs to be mechanically perfect FOR RESALE!.
1. Carburetor overhaul.
2. New catalytic converter.
3. New brake booster. Brakes feel spongy on cold start. Pushing brake pedal makes
car idle rough.
4. Water pump pulley adjusted to quiet the noise.
5. Power steering pulley adjusted to quiet the noise.
Folks, it is a 31 year old car, it is old, but there is so much positive on this car, that I would hardly call it a junker. The engine will last a long time with the right owner.
If the carb was smooth, and the pulley noises gone, and tiny transmission leak fixed, I would not hesitate to hop in the car and drive it 1,000 miles.
Guy V.Coulombe
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