Last chance to save 86 woody wagon from IMPOUND

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Last chance to save 86 woody wagon from IMPOUND

Postby 89ARIES » Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:38 am


That 1986 Chrysler LeBaron TC Wagon that sat on Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills has not been crushed yet. There is a chance to save it, but I doubt any of us have the money. The car is currently located in impound, and will be auctioned off for appx $500 dollars, with a date to be set either tommorrow or Friday. The shop knew about the club, but they chose to let a tow truck take the car away anyway.There will be no significant registration fees, as the car has been off the books since 2006. Basically, the body is totally complete and almost perfect, and the interior is near mint, as the car sat on a concrete parking lot under a shady awning. The car needs a rebuilt or replacement engine. To bid, you have to be at the impound lot in person at 8:45 AM, the day of the bid, an hour before the bid, so if there is any interest, be there.

Howard Sommers Towing
Attn: Lupe, the dispatcher.
7891 Deering Ave,
Canoga Park, CA 91304
1986 TC Wagon

VIDEO of WHITE WAGON: ... =2&theater

I wanted the seats out of that car. But, I would rather see some rich Mopar car collector buy this thing, resurrect it, and share it with the club. I will probably end up taking my valuable time, go down the auction place, and do an interception where I see if I can talk Pick Your Part into holding the car for two weeks. Remember, the junkyards are now government owned, whose sole purpose is to wipe
out the classic K-car from the face of the earth. They will win this auction for sure unless one of
us is there. At least Hispanics own the Sun Valley yard, and they are more sympathetic to the auto hobby. The Sun Valley manager let us save a convertible last year.
Maybe we can buy more time.

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Re: Last chance to save 86 woody wagon from IMPOUND

Postby seattle smitty » Fri Feb 05, 2016 4:24 pm

That's a lot of car for only five hundred bucks. Straight, no rust, good interior, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

SO WHAT if it needs engine work; if you're building yourself a keeper, you surely want to overhaul and upgrade the engine anyway! What is the engine (I'm guessing an injected 2.6)? Is an '86 old enough that California lets you do anything you want to it? So get the Canadian head without jet-valves (so it won't crack), add a turbo, get rid of some of the cr@p, and you've got a car that will get with the program. Some good-looking rims and 70 or 60-series tires. If it were mine, I'd want to get rid of the fake-woodie stuff . . . OR possibly paint it in contrasting colors in the panels (my brother is artistic, and I'd get him to design me some kool kustom kolor-scheme). Replace all the worn suspension parts, go through the brakes, yadda yadda, for maybe $4500 total you'd have a very practical daily-driver, no garage-queen, AANNNDD it would be something other car-guys will RESPECT as a rolling emblem of YOUR talents and skills. $500 is a real low entry-fee.

(EDIT) Another thought occurs to me, which is that you could make this into an unusual and eye-catching company car and parts-chaser for some sort of small business. Put your company name/address/phone inside one of the panels of the painted-over "woodie" stuff; put explanations of what you do, what services you provide, inside another panel; put drawings/diagrams/cartoons/photos/etc. inside other panels . . . .

(EDIT) Where I say "you" above, I mean any reader.

(EDIT) When are you gonna call me, Guy? :lol: Anytime is fine.
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