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Postby 89ARIES » Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:27 am

I first want to thank our brand new members who have donated. I am sorry I could not get you your frame immediately, as you are in the 3rd batch. It was a challenge involving time and money
to mail the 2nd batch just now, that I had promised It cost us $216
$125 for the US Members=50 envelopes. $2.54 A POP.
$91 for the 9 international members. 8 Canadians ($9.50 A POP, and $13.50 FOR our sole German).
I think in the future, I am not sure how this will go, I need to charge an additional $5 for postage for international members. Can't afford the $10-12 a package. We now have just $120 in the club's name.
Glad to do it, hopefully I can raise the money to buy frames. Really, in the short term, we need $500 to get the wagon running for resale, $200 for Spring Fling, and $80 to order the 3rd batch of frames.
Charging forward. I will also be sending you good folks financial reports so you can see where the money goes.
I also want to especially thank one of our best members who donated $50 recently, I am saddened at the sudden challenges he now faces, and he now says he has to sell his two Chrysler K-Cars, one of which were rescued from the junkyard. He needs our prayers as he is having ambulatory problems caused by his service to our country during Vietnam. God bless him. I am hoping we can have him and his two cars at Spring Fling, so we can honor him.
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