1986 lebaron convertible

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1986 lebaron convertible

Postby mikey Cee » Fri Mar 16, 2018 9:23 pm

There's no feedback on this website therefore I don't know if anyone is aware that I've posted pictures. They are over in Member's Rides. My wife's "new" convertible is in near showroom condition but was bought with just over 34,000 miles. Here's what I have found so far. Left window motor replaced in 1989 but the old motor in the trunk works like new ..go figger. Looks like someone hung somebody out to dry on a blown fuse or bad connection. Here we go on a spotty service record. Keep in mind that there are some hard to read service stickers under the hood and in the driver's side door jamb. I'm giving you the one's in the owner's manual. In June of1990 an oil change was performed and no mileage denoted. On Nov.15 1990 the mileage was 32,759. On Dec. 3 1990 it was 32,780 for a whopping 21 miles that month. Next there were 32,839 miles as of Aug. 14 1991 when license renewal took place. Just 23 miles later the next day Aug. 15 1991 the oil was changed at 32,862. Then again in Aug. 26 1996 another oil change at 32,925. New tires were bought in Nov. 1996. The last oil change was done on June 22 1997 but no mileage indicated. That means that between the 1996 oil change and our purchase in July of 2017 at 34,224 this clunker had only 1,299 miles put on it in 21 years. So this "86 QT" as our plates say was garaged for one heck of a long long time. Mike
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Car Information: 1986 lebaron convertible less than 36,000 miles

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