Rare nearly extinct cars surfacing recently. POSITIVE

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Rare nearly extinct cars surfacing recently. POSITIVE

Postby 89ARIES » Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:23 pm

A glimmer of hope that maybe CARB and CFC won't get everything. Maybe a poor economy will save some. I have been finding
some rare Ks lately. Some nice finds lately:

Sunday, Oct 16th, 2011. Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, Ca:

1984 Dodge Aries 4dr Two-tone brown and tan 4dr Sedan. Straight with sunfaded paint. Teddy bear in it. 8-)
1980s Buick Century 4dr Sedan (same as Malibu) parked.
1984-1987 Mercury Marquis parked.
My Alan the K-Car
1968-1972 Olds Cutlass Convertible blows by
1970s Lincoln Continental 2dr Convertible parked
1968-1972 Pontiac GTO 2dr Hardtop parked.

On freeway driving: 1980s Ford Fairmont 2dr Sedan and a few others.

Whittier and East LA, California are the last locations I know where 80s cars are still used as daily drivers. Everytime I drive the I-605 through that area, I am distracted
by oncoming traffic as I drive the fast lane southbound. I glance over the divider, and I may see as many as 7-10 1980s cars driving north on rare occasions for the 20 mile stretch.
It makes me extremely happy. I even saw two 1980s Dodge Omnis driving together by miracle fluke chance recently. Going northbound, I was buzzed by a GM Club as about ten 1980s
Buick Regals and Olds Cutlass's cars in a caravan drove around me. It made me want to leap for joy. Now, if only the CKCC was that powerful. The most we ever pulled off for a run was
9 K-cars driving together last year in San Pedro and people gaves us thumbs up and honked us. On the last cruise, a non-club K showed up alongside us and observed our 80s army going
west to Santa Paula.

Today: I discovered a 1982 Chrysler Cordoba with the full vinyl canvas roof parked in some lot just off Canoga. It is sitting there. I also saw yesterday a car showing shiny and glimmering bright
that the sun reflecting off of it nearly blinded me. I thought it was a Cadillac. I looked closer and it was really an early 1980s Oldsmobile Delta 88 4dr Sedan with the red taillights. Not the orange and red.
Thats how I knew it was well over 25 and survived the genocide of early 80s cars here in California. I also saw an 80s Chevy Caprice today, anothe 80s Cutlass Supreme Coupe, and more.

1980s cars here are now no longer common daily drivers. They are extremely scattered and rare now and only the big GMS and Cadillacs are findable. Everything else now is a rare fluke spotting. Even
the 80s Toyotas now are getting scarce, but I still see tons of 85-87 Toyota Corollas.

Odd contradictions in California: More surviving 80s Olds Cutlass Ciera A Bodies then Celebrity, 6000, Century, etc. Half of them in good to immaculate shape and very well preserved. There is an
Oldsmobile following here and a lot of them seem to be in good shape.

More Plymouth Caravelles left here than Dodge 600s. I know they made tons more 600 4drs, but I almost never see them. I usually run into Caravelles.

Still a fair number of 88-91 Crown Vics and Marquis left. The earlier ones are hard to find now. But, a lot of them in decent shape.

Badlands of South LA and Southbay is the king of 80s Caprices period for the United States. When I took the Blue line through gangbanger land, I literally counted about 40 1980s Caprices
in peoples yards and driving around. There is a fanatical following for these. A lot of them are used by gangsters and criminals in LA.

1970s cars are not easily findable anywhere, even in South LA and Southbay. Gas mileage and body issues wiped em all out. Even in the areas with the most old cars, more 80s than anything.
Its like they dropped off the face of the earth ten years ago, but you still get surprised. The only 70s cars that still abound oddly enough are Pintos, Mavericks, and Novas. The only gas guzzling
70s car at 10-12 mpg that is still around the most is the Ford Country Squire Wagon and LTD.

South LA and Soutbay really present car distribution of 80s and 90s reminiscent of the year 1998-2000. Its the only place in the world left with a lot of Caprices, besides Tijuana.

8-) 8-) 8-)
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Re: Rare nearly extinct cars surfacing recently. POSITIVE

Postby nszotovich » Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:19 pm

Wow! what a weekend.
That 70s Lincoln convertible was a custom job as Lincoln stopped making rag tops in 1967.
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