wiper washer switch on 86 Aries 4 dr

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wiper washer switch on 86 Aries 4 dr

Postby MoparK4me » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:12 pm

Hello All, new member here on this site (this is my first post on here) I just joined up after recently acquiring an 86 Dodge Aries 4 dr sedan, Florida car with just 64 K actual miles on it.. When I purchased this car, wipers and washers were operational (I tried them) but I did notice the turn signal lever was a bit loosely connected, with black electric tape and at least one cable tie on it, someone had done a shade tree type repair on it, no doubt because the former owner wanted to refrain from paying the cost of a proper repair on it.
I am in Florida (snowbird) awaiting my new title and plates from my home state (Mich.) so I have driven the car very little so far, but the wipers/washers already fail to work when I try to switch them on (not surprised).. The manual says wiper/washers are on fuse number 11 in the fuseblock. I checked it and it is not blown.. and no juice reaching the wiper motor connector..
So now I am figuring on fixing this thing right.. If I go get a switch at salvage yard, I probably will end up with another worn out one.. Might better just obtain a brand new switch, and get it over with. Perhaps I should also replace the dimmer switch while I am in there..
I see Auto Zone does not offer any wiper washer switch at all. Rock Auto has one (standard motor products) at about 129 dollars. So far, I am considering ordering one of those.. Still looking around, before placing the order.
I am hoping one of you experienced K car mechanics might have done this job before ? Will I have to pull the steering wheel to do it ? If so, how big of a hassle is it ? I have been inside a couple of steering columns before, so I know it can be a bit time consuming.. Also, should I go ahead and do the dimmer switch while I am in there ? So I don't have to go back in there later ?
Thanks in advance for any input you may have, I appreciate it very much..
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