Bob's Big Boy K-Car Meet 11-20-09. Still a lot of fun.

Events which sadly have come to past.

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Bob's Big Boy K-Car Meet 11-20-09. Still a lot of fun.

Postby 89ARIES » Sun Dec 20, 2009 5:34 am

Well, it was a good meet, if greatly underattended. John came with his newly purchased 84 LeBaron TC 2.6 Wagon. It was immaculate! One member thought it was Saturday, and another member came
without his convertible, and another didn't call, and another got lost, and eee.....But, I got a lead to a new member (who promptly got his K-car totaled and became a former member) and a link to a seller
I am communicating with. There were also a few 80s that made it there and got to park next to the muscle. We had two 80s Buick Grand Nationals, two K-cars, a Pinto, a 78 Honda Accord, an Olds Delta 88,
a Cadillac, and more. Meets are VERY hard to do here as we have been anywhere from 0 cars to 10 cars. I am finally learning to accept that. You good people help me to keep going: ... Boy122009#
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