weatherstrip/window channel parts sources

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weatherstrip/window channel parts sources

Postby MoparK4me » Thu Oct 10, 2019 4:21 pm

Hello All ! having a heck of a dilemma trying to locate the following parts for my 1986 Dodge Aries SE. Beltline weather stripping drivers side front door 4198515 Also : Beltline Weather stripping passenger side front door 4198514 Also : widow channel Runs front left door 4310761 Front right door 4310760
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. NOS would be preferred, but I realize how scarce these items are now days, so if some (used) beltline weather stripping parts turn out to be the only available items, I would be interested in seeing a good clear photo of them.. my 86 Aries is a Florida car, so the OEM weather stripping is sun baked, of course.. If anyone is dismantling / parting out a K car that has these parts in decent shape, I would be interested in buying them for all 4 doors. I'm thinking the channel run might have to settle for some similar stuff they sell in bulk (by the foot) but unfortunately, the beltline weather strip parts need to be specific.. Sure do thank everyone for any helpful input they may have, Much appreciated !
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Re: weatherstrip/window channel parts sources

Postby Blasirl » Fri Oct 11, 2019 12:03 am

I know you want NOS, but have you tried It is not the most reliable source as most yards do not seem to update it, but I have found many things I have needed there for my Aries. You may have to find someone in a smaller yard willing to remove what you want, assuming they are willing to part out a door, but if it is already damaged, they may be willing for a price or if you locate some, ask on here if anyone is near and would be willing to pick it up for you.
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