2.5 L Stalls Out

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2.5 L Stalls Out

Postby mikey Cee » Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:42 am

Every so often maybe once in couple of days of puttering around the city. I take off from a stop light and it hesitates and if I don't catch it in time with the foot feed it can and will just die. I then have to calmly put it in neutral and restart it sometimes with cars behind me. After several of these occurences a week you get a little leery of getting into high traffic areas. It has only 41500 miles. It has a new fuel tank and filter, new fuel pump, new plugs, rotor and cap. Our repair shop the other day found out why we had hardly had much pep in the car lately...the timing was retarded 12° at 0°TDC . He said whoever timed it before we got it at 33.000 miles failed to disconnect the the coolant sensor prior to adjusting the timing. Lots of snap and pep now but that stalling is still there. What's your take? Mike with '86 convertible.
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