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Re: Old member, but pictures

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 3:10 am
by mozartpc27
I must admit I hadn't, and wouldn't, have thought of that. I'd be stunned if it sat in the yard for four years - that's as long as it has been. I told them at the time that all that it really needed was the fuel pump replaced - do that and it would have run fine. I am thinking either they did that, or I seem to recall they kinda told me it was worth more for the metal at this point.

There were a whole bunch of yards in South Philly too - I just called a number and they gave me $350 for it. I am not even sure which one it was. I guess I could go drive around and check them out - but that seems like a super long shot. I just wish I could have swung a fuel pump at the time - who knows, it might have run fine after that.

Funny thing is the commonwealth of PA seems to think I still own it - I get a registration renewal form in the mail from them every year, even though I sold the car and certainly turned over the title to the junker. I do still have the keys though - well, if I can find my key ring. I talked them into letting me keep those, gave them the spare.

Ah well.

Re: Old member, but pictures

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 1:51 pm
by Kwagon2
I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about it can't change the decision you made at the time considerations seem to rule , I was in a similar position back in the early nineties when I let my first k car go ....
If I would have had the mindset then that I have now I would have never let it go. I've been mucking about with "collector" cars for a while now and I have never seen a car disappear as fast as the K series. Its almost like its deliberate, but with the environmental oriented / government scrapping programs and the like and the simple fact that the historical significance of the "K" is not really recognized, except by a few , these poor cars had the same chance as a snowball in hell. I woke up and salvaged what I could ....except for the one I drive there are virtually no K's left in regular service up here...I know there are a few (as in two that I know of) convertibles stashed away but absolutely no Lebaron sedans , Dodge 400's etc. I know of two "E" class cars that have survived but I had a direct hand in saving when I said they are fading fast I meant it.
The simple fact that you have returned to this site indicates to me that you have a desire to re-aquire a K this is a good thing !
I did state that there are a few nice K's still out there but to reiterate ...the clock is running .....I wish you the best of luck in your search!
Welcome back!